JLI Benefit Concert with Michael Franti at Expo West 2016


Just Label It invites you to a benefit concert event at Expo West 2016 with special guest Michael Franti.

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Headlining Musical Performance: Michael Franti

Michael Franti is a gifted and much-heralded musician, spoken word artist and political activist. As leader of the politically and socially-charged group Spearhead, Franti is at the forefront of hip-hop’s renaissance, expanding the music’s boundaries as he draws on funk and soul-driven beats. Through his music and poetry, Franti tackles a range of issues–the criminal justice system, corporatization of our daily lives, AIDS, gay rights, homelessness, the death penalty, drug addiction and suicide.

Opening Performance: Jillian Speer

Jillian Speer is a singer-songwriter and musician. Her music genre is soul/folk/rock/acoustic/soft rock/adult alternative. Speer believes in tying together artistic and political parties to increase awareness on issues of human rights, environmental urgencies, political issues, abuse, and poverty.

Emcees & Hosts: Gary Hirshberg & Julia Butterfly Hill

Gary Hirshberg is the founder and chairman of Stonyfield Farm and chairman of Just Label It

Julia Butterfly Hill is an activist, consultant, life coach, author, and poet. The recipient of numerous prestigious awards and distinctive honors, Julia Butterfly Hill is one of the most internationally recognizable figures in environmental activism. Her courage, conviction and profound clarity in articulating a message of hope, empowerment, and love and respect for all life has inspired millions of people worldwide.

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