Chipotle, GMOs And Monsanto’s Toxic Glyphosate

By Mary Ellen Kustin. Originally published in EWG’s AgMag Blog.

Chipotle gets it.

The popular quick-service restaurant understands that genetically engineered foods, called GMOs, are often grown in a way that is harmful to the environment.

In particular, Chipotle has highlighted the fact that the use of herbicide-tolerant GMOs is leading to a huge increase toxic weed killers.

No wonder executives at Chipotle have come to the conclusion that buying GMOs is not in line with their brand values to find “the very best ingredients [they] can – with respect for animals, farmers, and the environment…”

What critics of Chipotle’s announcement – including NPR’s Dan Charles and the Washington Post – don’t seem to understand is that Chipotle is making the important connection between GMO production and the increase in herbicides harmful to the environment and farm workers.

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