GMO Farmer Supports Labeling

Meet Troy Roush.

Troy is a fifth-generation corn and soybean farmer in Indiana, whose love for farming stems from years of hard work.  Yet something differentiates Troy from the farmers who came before him: the crops he grows are genetically engineered.

What makes Troy’s story – and this new video – so powerful is that he supports labeling genetically engineered foods. Troy believes that consumers should be able to make an informed decision each time they go to the grocery store and that they have a right to know about their food, and what they’re feeding their families. He believes that labeling is “a win for farmers and a win for consumers.”

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Troy challenges us to fight for the change we wish to see in our food system: “People have got to start demanding good, wholesome food of us, and we’ll deliver. I promise you, we’re very ingenious people. We’ll deliver.”

You may recognize Troy from the critically-acclaimed 2009 documentary Food, Inc., which exposed the food industry’s heavy reliance on genetically engineered crops, the dangers of patent infringement, and the loss of small family farms across the country. This fall, as part of his new social media platform, FixFood, Food, Inc. director Robert Kenner went back to visit Troy in Indiana and discovered there was something else on his mind – labeling.

You can help build a movement of concerned parents, farmers, business owners, and citizens across America to speak out about labeling and how our food is produced.  Share this video today on Facebook or Twitter!

Will you take Troy’s challenge and demand our right to good, wholesome food?

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