GMO In the Know – August 16th, 2013

A wrap-up of GMO-related headlines and developments.

House Subcommittee Begins Work on GMO Labeling Bill

With encouragement from neighboring states like Maine and Connecticut, New Hampshire legislators are now considering a bill to label genetically engineered foods. The draft of the proposed bill is expected to contain a trigger clause, preventing the law from taking effect until a number of other states adopt similar legislation, as well as an exemption for meat, dairy and egg products.

On Twitter: Who to Follow for GE Labeling News

As the GE labeling movement heats up, many consumers are taking to social media to keep up with recent developments and to monitor the debate. Leading the charge are a number of organizations and consumer advocates whose voices on Twitter have become follow-worthy, providing great resources, updates and insight into the issue.

Monsanto’s Stock Becoming High Risk as Youth Demand GMO Labeling

The growing debate over labeling of genetically engineered foods is bad news for GE seed giant Monsanto and its share holders. Until now, the lack of labeling in the U.S. has worked in their favor; however, with more than 90 pieces of proposed legislation to label GE ingredients in at least 26 different states this year, Monsanto’s stock faces a growing risk.

Barbara’s Non-GMO Certification Was Driven By Consumers

Natural and organic cereal and snack marker, Barbara’s, is the latest brand to switch to using Non-GMO ingredients, with 81% of its portfolio currently Non-GMO Project verified. According the the vice president of marketing, Barbara’s efforts were inspired by booming consumer desire for GMO-free products. “It’s a huge shift in the food industry, which is driven by consumers. We’re proud to be one of the companies at the forefront.”

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