GMO in the Know – August 30th, 2013

A wrap-up of GMO-related headlines and developments.

Why Genetically Modifying Food is a Bad Idea

Forbes contributor Beth Hoffman identifies a credibility problem with science, and asks whether spending billions of dollars on new genetically engineered products, such as Golden Rice, is such a good idea when highly effective tools to solve problems such as world hunger already exist. “Why has feeding the hungry become a self-serving competition for lab funding when viable solutions to the problem are now available?”

GMO Corn Failing to Protect Fields From Pest Damage

A new report shows researchers are finding significant damage from rootworms in farm fields in Illinois, which are planted in a rotation with a type of genetically engineered corn that is supposed to be resistant to the pests. “Farmers across a wide swath of Illinois could face formidable challenges in protecting their corn crops from the hungry insects.”

GE Foods & the Need for Labeling

More than 60 other nations around the world, including all of the EU, Russia and China, require labeling of genetically engineered foods, yet despite overwhleming support for labeling in the U.S., Americans are left in the dark when it comes to what’s in their food. Gary Hirshberg examines the top reasons why we need mandatory federal labeling of GE ingredients.

Grocery Manufacturers Spend Big Against Food Labeling Proposal

Big money spent on defeating last year’s Prop 37 intiative to label GE foods in California is migrating north to fight I-522, a similar measure in Washington state. On Monday, the Grocery Manufacturers Association – Big Food’s national lobby group – contributed $1.75 million to the No on 522 campaign, sending a signal that the major food and chemical companies will continue to fight our right to know every chance they get.

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