GMO In the Know – August 9th, 2013

A wrap-up of GMO-related headlines and developments.

14 year-old Girl Debates GMOs With Condescending TV Host

When teenager and activist Rachel Parent challenged Canadian TV Host Kevin O’Leary to have her on his show to talk GMOs, he readily assumed she would be an easy target. However, the founder of Kids Right to Know stood her own and articulated a respectful and though-provoking argument for mandatory GE labeling. If you don’t believe us, watch it yourself!

All Eyes on Washington State for GE Food Labeling

While the GE labeling movement has continued to gain steam nationwide, Washington voters will have a unique opportunity to decide the fate of GE labeling in their state this fall. With a history of policy “firsts”, particularly by popular vote, many hope Washington will have a fighting chance against Big Ag’s deep pockets. “The food movement needs a win in Washington to show its political muscle.”

Key Points in the Genetically Modified Food Debate

Recent trade negotiations between the U.S. and Europe have exposed opposing views on genetically engineered foods, and opened an intense debate on both sides of the Atlantic. With a range of views on safety, mandatory labeling, government regulation and biotechnology’s role in solving world hunger, it may be a long road before any kind of middle ground is reached.

5 Surprising Genetically Modified Foods

All debates aside, have you ever wondered about the history of GE ingredients, and exactly which foods they’re in? Mother Jones answers some frequently asked questions about GE foods, and offers a few great resources to continue learning more.

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