GMO in the Know- November 1st, 2013

Have a Coke…And a GMO?

The Coca-Cola Company isn’t smiling about the latest effort to force labels on foods and beverages that contain genetically modified organisms – this time in Washington State. It’s on a long list of manufacturers that sell products using ingredients derived from either corn or soy, both of which are nearly impossible to source in the United States without using genetically modified crops.

GMOs 101: Everything You Need to Know About GM Food

What is all the GMO buzz and controversy all about? Gary Hirshberg, co-founder of Stonyfield Farm and chairman of Just Label It, breaks down the issue, from the background of genetically modified foods, to the ways in which you and your family can vote with your dollars everytime you go to the grocery store.

An Infographic Shines a Light on GMOs in America

According to Robyn O’Brien, “If you have no idea that the chemical industry quietly slipped ingredients into out food supply, you’re not alone. If you find it all a bit shocking, you’re not alone either.” She shares a new infographic that outines the introduction of these ingredients into our food, and the status of laws around the country trying to get them labeled.

The Right to Know What’s in Your Food

Do you trust the ingredients list on something as simple as a bag of tortilla chips? According to Hain Celestial Marketing Director, Jared Simon, there’s a good chance that list isnt telling you the whole story, since the U.S. has no laws that require labeling of genetically modified foods. Luckily, brands like Garden of Eatin’, care about the quality of the food you eat, and value transparency.

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