GMO in the Know – October 4th, 2013

A wrap-up of GMO-related headlines and developments.

Superweeds: A Frightening Reality

In their recent article titled “What Happens When Weed Killers Stop Killing”, Science Magazine exposes the frightening reality of “superweeds” facing many U.S. farmers who rely on genetically engineered crops. Superweeds, which evolve to withstand the very chemicals designed to kill them, have now become an epidemic on farmland in many locations across the country.

Chemical Companies and Our Food: What You Need to Know

Author Robyn O’Brien takes a closer look at chemical company spending. “In the last few weeks, chemicals companies have literally saturated the state, not only with the chemicals that they pour on their genetically engineered crops, but also with money to stop an initiative that would give eaters the right to know that this is happening: that our food is now in the hands of a few big chemical companies.” 

Grocery Lobby Puts $5 Million Against I-522

The Grocery Manufacturers Association has added $5 million to the campaign against Washington’s Initiative 522, bringing the agribusiness and food industry-financed warchest against the ballot initiative to a staggering $17.2 million.

Why You Should Care About GMOs?

For many people, GMOs are still a mystery. What are they? How do they impact our health and environment? And what’s being done to label them? Here’s a quick overview of GMOs from seed to plate.

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