Just Label It’s Right-to-Know #WellnessChat Twitter Party!

GMO labeling has been a hot topic these days with Vermont passing the first no-strings-attached labeling bill in April and Colorado and Oregon both having initiatives to label GMOs on their November ballots. As a consumer the debate over GMOs and GMO labeling can get really confusing with both sides shouting at each other in the media.

Luckily for you, we’re here to clear up the confusion and answer all of your questions about GMOs and why we think they should be labeled. Join us, some of our favorite healthy food companies and organizations for an hour long #WellnessChat on all things GMO hosted by Sarah Stanley on Thursday, October 30th from 8-9pm EST complete with giveaways!

Who: Just Label It, Only Organic, Right to Know Colorado, Oregon Right to Know, Naturepedic, Nature’s Path, Happy Family, Presence Marketing, Dr. Bronner’s, Applegate, Stonyfield Organic, Late July Organic Snacks, Center for Food Safety, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Environmental Working Group.

When: October 30th

Time: 8-9pm EST (5-6pm PST)

Hashtag: #WellnessChat

Theme: All things GMOs and labeling

Host: Sarah Stanley @sarahstanley




Nature’s Path product gift basket complete with GMO OMG dvd (3 winners)

Naturepedic organic pillow (3 winners)


To qualify for a giveaway, tweet out our promotional tweets and join the party!


Have questions about #GMO labeling? Join @sarahstanley’s #WellnessChat 10/30 at 8pm EST with @justlabelit! http://bit.ly/1tfWcKF

Learn how you can help get #GMOs labeled at our #WellnessChat 10/30 at 8pm EST hosted by @sarahstanley http://bit.ly/1tfWcKF

Twitter party: #WellnessChat on #GMOlabeling featuring healthy food brands & giveaways! Join us 10/30 at 8pm EST RT! http://bit.ly/1tfWcKF

Get ready for the #WellnessChat on all things #GMO 10/30 at 8pm EST hosted by @sarahstanley and @justlabelit http://bit.ly/1tfWcKF

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