More Companies Recognizing Need for Food Transparency

By Katey Parker (Partner Outreach Manager, Just Label It)

Yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s officially announced their support for labeling of genetically engineered foods.  As the movement for labeling genetically engineered foods heats up in 2013, more and more companies are recognizing the need for more greater food transparency, and jumping on the GMO labeling bandwagon.  

The Just Label It campaign was formed by a coalition of organizations and brands that has grown to 600 in number over the past year.  It is important to note that the campaign’s successes, such as obtaining over 1.2 million signatures on a petition to the FDA, would not have been possible without these partners.  It is their commitment and dedication to consumers that has helped fuel this movement, and will help continue to institute change in our country’s food system.

By proudly displaying them on our Partner page, and announcing new partnerships, such as ours with Ben & Jerry’s, we mean to showcase our trust in these companies and organizations as supporters of this movement. 

All of our partners, from brands like Amy’s Kitchen, Equal Exchange, Sambazon and Late July, to companies like United Natural Foods and Bon Appetit Management Company, recognize the responsibility of communicating to consumers their beliefs and practices, whether political or not.

Thanks to consumer pressure, this becoming more common, and it is refreshing to see.  After all, they are listening to a population of Americans of whom over 90% support labeling of genetically engineered foods.

We encourage you, as the consumer, to continue to decide for yourself what is important to you and your families; whether it is buying products with only organic, non-GMO ingredients, supporting brands with strong sustainability practices, pressuring government agencies for better food safety practices, or simply staying informed.  

We may have a long road ahead of us, but one thing is for sure: as our values change, sooner or later, so will our country’s.

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