On Twitter: Who to Follow for GE Labeling News

As the GE labeling movement heats up across the country, many consumers are taking to social media to keep up with recent news and monitor the debate.  Leading the charge are a number of organizations and consumer advocates whose voices on Twitter have become follow-worthy, providing great resources, updates and insight on the issue.

Inspired by by Food Think’s recent post, “118 Twitter Feeds Every Food Activist Needs to Follow“, we decided to pull together a list of our top fifteen favorite Twitter handles covering everything GMO.  Enjoy!

California Right to Know (Prop 37): @CARightToKnow

Center for Food Safety: @TrueFoodNow

Dr Bronner’s Soaps: @DrBronner

Food and Water Watch: @foodandwater

FoodBabe: @thefoodbabe

Food Democracy Now: @food_democracy

GMO Inside: @GMOInside

GMO Journal: @GMOJournal

Naomi Starkman: @naomistarkman

Non-GMO Project: @NonGMOProject

Rachel Parent: @RachelsNews

Right to Know GMO: @RightToKnowGMO

Robyn O’Brien: @unhealthytruth

Tom Philpott: @tomphilpott

Yes on 522: @yeson522

Have additional Twitter handles you like to follow for GMO updates? Tell us in the comments!


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