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Real Tea, Real Taste, Honest.

At Honest Tea, we embrace the simplicity of tea – water and leaves. Ever since 2730 B.C. when the Chinese emperor Shen Nung first “discovered” tea after some leaves fell into a pot of boiling water, generations and cultures around the world have enjoyed tea grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We don’t see any reason to include them in our recipes today.

Our goal is to create a product in which the true taste of the leaves comes through. We don’t pulverize, process, or concentrate our tea leaves. Instead we brew the whole leaf for truest taste. We add a touch of organic cane sugar – just enough to accentuate the tea’s natural flavor.

We strive to live up to our name in the way we conduct our business. We do this whether we are working with growers and suppliers, answering consumer questions or trying to leave a lighter environmental footprint. We create partnerships because we feel that shared resources can help make a difference and there is strength in numbers.

In 2011, we converted all of our green, black, oolong, and white teas over to Fair Trade Certified™ which ensures that workers on tea gardens receive a fair share of profits, and that the tea gardens comply with specific workplace criteria for equality and fairness.  Our hope that by introducing new teas and new tastes under the Honest Tea name, we can help to create greater economic opportunity in communities seeking to become more self-sufficient.

Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, truly healthy, organic beverages. Since creating the world’s first organic bottled tea in 1999 in Bethesda, MD, Honest Tea has continued to grow our business while seeking honesty and integrity in how we craft our products and taste. Along with our organic and fair trade certifications, Honest Tea is proud member of Just Label It-committed to transparent, effective labeling for consumers everywhere.

For more information, visit www.honesttea.com

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Only organic guarantees that your food has been produced without toxic persistent pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically engineered seeds. Organic is the REAL natural

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