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According to various polls and surveys, the vast majority of Americans feel they have a right to know what is in their food. Voter support for labeling of GMO foods is nearly unanimous, according to the political opinion survey on GMO food labeling conducted by The Mellman Group on behalf of JLI. The survey found more than 88% of Americans support GMO labeling. To learn more about the national survey of 1000 voters, read the Mellman Survey Results.

The results of the Mellman Group survey are consistent with multiple previous polls including:

95% of consumers believe GMO foods should be labeled (11/08, Consumers Union, “Food-Labeling Poll: 2008,” p. 13)

94% believe genetically modified food should be labeled (9/10, Washington Post)

93% support labeling foods that have been genetically modified or engineered (7/13, The New York Times)

92% believe that before GMO foods should be labeled accordingly (6/14, Consumer Reports)


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