GMO labeling law approved by VT House

UPDATED May 10th, 2013:

Vermont continues to be a leader in the fight for GMO labeling nationwide.  After being passed through both the House Agriculture Committee and House Judiciary Committee, H.112, the Vermont GMO labeling bill, was passed today by an overwhelming majority of 99-42 in Vermont’s House of Representatives. Thanks to many Vermonters who have made their voices heard, state leaders are recognizing the strong support of this issue in Vermont and across the country.

More GE foods, such as salmon engineered to produce growth hormones year round and apples engineered to keep from browning, could soon end up in the food supply without any independent or long-term studies, and most importantly, without labels.

H.112 will now have a strong chance of being considered in the Senate when lawmakers return next January, and will be an important step in getting us closer to a national labeling solution.

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