Will The Senate Keep Us In The DARK?

Some members of the Senate are trying to lure their colleagues to the dark side by cosponsoring a version of what critics call the DARK – Deny Americans the Right to Know – Act.

The bill is aimed at states that have already listened to their citizens and passed laws requiring that genetically engineered, or “GMO,” food be so labeled. The DARK Act, which passed the House last year, would prevent those states from implementing their GMO labeling statutes – starting with Vermont, whose law is scheduled to take effect in July.

Anti-labeling lobbyists and legislators are racing to ram this bill through Congress in time to stop Vermont from guaranteeing its citizens’ right to know whether the foods they buy contain GMOs.

People in 64 other nations already enjoy that right, while Americans are still in the dark. Polls show that 90 percent of Americans want GMO foods to be labeled.

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