NAS Report on GMOs Confirms Importance of Transparency

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May 17, 2016

NAS Report on GMOs Confirms Importance of Transparency

WASHINGTON– The National Academy of Sciences released a report today on genetically engineered crops. In reaction, Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Just Label It and Stonyfield Farm, said:

Today’s report confirms the importance of transparency and the need for mandatory GMO labeling on the package.  And it acknowledges that as long as companies hide basic facts from consumers, we will be unable to make food choices that reflect our values. While the report suggests the cost of labeling is uncertain, I know from three decades as a food industry executive that GMO labels will not increase food prices.  In fact, neither Campbells, MARS nor any of the companies to recently add a GMO disclosure to the their packages have raised prices and none of the hundreds of companies who are adding this disclosure to comply with the VT law have announced a price increase.  

Today’s report also confirms that the GMO regulatory system is broken and that glyphosate use is rising.  Consumers want the right to know how their food is produced so they can decide for themselves whether the current regulatory system is adequate or whether rising glyphosate use is safe. Congress should act quickly to give consumers the right to know — the same right as consumers in 64 other nations— while legislators and the Obama Administration modernize our broken regulatory system.

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